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The Legend of Korra Book 4 Facts and Rumor Roundup

The Final Season

Hopefully to curb any misinformation, here is everything we know about Book 4:

  • Book 4 will be 13 episodes long.
  • Studio Mir will animate ALL of Book 4.
  • Book 4 will constitute the end of The Legend of Korra.
  • Jason Isaacs (Zhao, Book 4 likely a new character), Jason Marsden (Aye-Aye, Huan), and Anne Heche (Suyin Beifong) recorded at least one scene with Kiernan Shipka (Jinora). source
  • Korra will still have fight scenes. sources 1 & 2
  • Korra and Katara have a scene together. source

Book 4 production progress:

  • The animatic stage of production is complete. source
  • The design/color stage of production is “in the home stretch.” source
  • Voice recording is likely complete based on the fact that it has been ongoing since at the latest September of last year.

Unclear information / rumors:

  • Book 4 is rumored to be titled Balance. This is claim is completely unfounded but possible.
  • Given that Book 1 focused on Korra learning Airbending, Book 2 on the Water Tribes conflict, and Book 3 on the Earth Kindgom, it is likely Book 4 brings us to the Fire Nation and current Fire Lord, Zuko’s daughter.
  • Kuvira (voiced by Zelda Williams) was name-dropped several times in the finale seemingly without purpose, as well as having a sinister musical theme play when introducing herself. For these reasons it is likely she is being set up for a bigger role in Book 4, possibly as a villain.
  • Book 4 is rumored to have a January 2015 release based on the fact that this is when the Book 3 Artbook comes out, and the previous Artbooks have had releases timed approximately with the next season. Beyond this grasping-at-straws connection, January seems like a reasonable release time considering how far along production is and the fact that online distribution eliminates Nick’s scheduling issues.
  • Bryke have stated that 2014 was Korra’s last big SDCC panel, meaning that Book 4 will be released before summer of next year. This further supports the Q1 2015 rumor, as well as the likelihood of us getting our first look at Book 4 at NYCC this year, October 9th-12th.

More and more Book 4 information should be coming out soon, and this post will be kept up-to-date as it happens!

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Lon’qu and Chrom


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Story #3 — Marth: Reasons

You can find the raws here.

Next is Lissa’s (with a wait much shorter than this one, I assure you).

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/deep breaths/ hi there I’m lyrl and I’m here to crash in this new fandom uhh i haven’t joined a new fandom in slightly more than 2 years so I’m kinda having fandom fright- if that even makes sense >_>;;; So as you can see it takes a lot for me to even get off my lazy ass and draw something which means I really really like this game ahhh. 

So have some fire emblem awakening sketches, and by that I mean mostly my otp which is lon’qu/lissa /withers in embarrassment/ 

hoping to make some new friends around here;w; 

I’m currently on my second playthrough unlocking supports mostly, neglecting the main story haha orz. I also haven’t finished playing all the dlc (like hotspring scramble and future past) because I haven’t got most of the 2nd gen yet (currently I have lucina, owain, cynthia, morgan and laurent), so please don’t spoil me on those;w;;

for those who haven’t played this, fire emblem awakening is a great game, you should play it, everyone should play it. 

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I saw the original (^ which isn’t mine) and I just…

Apparently, I have a very one-track mind, so here: enjoy some OOC Erik. :D

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I’m currently in a very bad mood; exam is killing my nerves and personal + himi stuff too. So I putted on the Phantom of the Opera-music and looked through my PotO-artcollection, which always reminds me how awesome japanese fanart is. Japanese fanarts makes the impossible possible.

Look how fluffy thiiiiiiiiiis is.

Especially the one with Erik and Christine being outside. At a bright day. Without cape or anything else. I guess Erik would never ever do that. 

But why is it still so cute?  

Pictures by: http://arabagi.net/