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Lon’qu and Chrom


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Story #3 — Marth: Reasons

You can find the raws here.

Next is Lissa’s (with a wait much shorter than this one, I assure you).

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/deep breaths/ hi there I’m lyrl and I’m here to crash in this new fandom uhh i haven’t joined a new fandom in slightly more than 2 years so I’m kinda having fandom fright- if that even makes sense >_>;;; So as you can see it takes a lot for me to even get off my lazy ass and draw something which means I really really like this game ahhh. 

So have some fire emblem awakening sketches, and by that I mean mostly my otp which is lon’qu/lissa /withers in embarrassment/ 

hoping to make some new friends around here;w; 

I’m currently on my second playthrough unlocking supports mostly, neglecting the main story haha orz. I also haven’t finished playing all the dlc (like hotspring scramble and future past) because I haven’t got most of the 2nd gen yet (currently I have lucina, owain, cynthia, morgan and laurent), so please don’t spoil me on those;w;;

for those who haven’t played this, fire emblem awakening is a great game, you should play it, everyone should play it. 

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I saw the original (^ which isn’t mine) and I just…

Apparently, I have a very one-track mind, so here: enjoy some OOC Erik. :D

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I’m currently in a very bad mood; exam is killing my nerves and personal + himi stuff too. So I putted on the Phantom of the Opera-music and looked through my PotO-artcollection, which always reminds me how awesome japanese fanart is. Japanese fanarts makes the impossible possible.

Look how fluffy thiiiiiiiiiis is.

Especially the one with Erik and Christine being outside. At a bright day. Without cape or anything else. I guess Erik would never ever do that. 

But why is it still so cute?  

Pictures by: http://arabagi.net/

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Japanese deer bows with tourists. [video]


Japanese deer bows with tourists. [video]

(Bron: 4gifs)

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2013 Comic Con Press Room: Once Upon a Time’s Colin O’Donoghue and Michael Raymond-James

IDK if this has been posted already and if it has don’t mind me, I just need to have this interview in my blog, because FINALLY I get to see Colin and Michael talking about Hook and Baelfire’s relationship. It’s very short but I’ll take what I can get (love that is Colin who brought it up, not the interviewer).

Colin mentions how Hook was really willing to give up everything for Bae, and be a father for him, and Michael mentions the scene where Hook tells to Belle that perhaps Bae “doesn’t want to be found”, because he knew, and that it was like a fatherly thing to do (like protective).

I love that Colin (and Michael agreed) is looking forward to see how their relationship is going to develop once they meet again. JUST GIVE IT TO ME.

They were actually supposed to work together last year, but that didn’t happen because of Colin’s injury.

On a different note, they are so adorable together and it looks like they really are buddies. And I’d love to see them playing music together.

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Another video of the 2013 Comic Con Press Room with Colin and Michael .